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Jeff Vidov

Welcome to Jeff's homepage at

April 2003


Jeff has just started scoring his second movie! It's a zombie horror/action/drama film with some good dialogue, some gore and a lot of action. I will definately be putting some more film type music I have done up on this page for more of you to hear very soon-so stay tuned!

Feb 2003

Jeff has just finished scoring his first full length movie! It's called Pelican Daughters and runs 80 minutes. Jeff composed 60 min of music for the film and the soundtrack is available to purchase here. The score is mostly piano/strings and acoustic guitar based and is quite different from anything Jeff has done previously. To read more about the film go to To purchase the soundtrack send $10 Canadian (inside Canada) or $13 U.S funds (outside Canada) to the address at the bottom of this page. Also , Jeff has finished recording the drums for 38 songs!! For Feb/March 2003 Jeff will concentrate on recording bass for the same songs. Guitars/keys will be done throughout the year and lyrics will be written this summer.

Nov 2002

I'm getting there! A couple songs for the cd are finished with vocals,while most of the others just need vocals to be recorded. In january, I'll be starting to record a 2 cd concept cd with Sean Brock on drums and Kevin Bailey on bass(yes, even though this cd isn't done yet, I'm recording the next one). Anyway I'll be adding some new songs to this page soon. The classical and world music section of this cd will be put on hold for a while until all the rock/pop stuff is done.

Jeff;s 1998 independent 2.5 hour DOUBLE CD covers a wide range of musical styles.


He is currently promoting his music to classical orchestras, contemporary ensembles, music labels, publishers, and performers through the web, and mail in order to secure a publishing and distribution deal and get his music performed.

Trained at the Eastman and Manhattan Schools of Music, Jeff Vidov's versatility in a wide range of musical styles can be sampled on this DOUBLE CD Divided into POP, JAZZ, and Classical sections interspersed with solo piano works, these Cd's feature lush pop songs with full rock band and orchestra, new jazz songs and an accomplished set of accompanying musicians. With Musical talents and interests ranging from jazz/classical piano, pop and big band music, eastern music, church organ, film scoring, and producing, Jeff's versatility has appealed to numerous audiences.


Jeff's latest work is a double CD.

CD #1-total time=73 minutes

                1) Not Afraid-5:40
                2) Find What You Are-3:57
                3) Today-4:32
                4) Yonder Hills-3:49  +
                5) Ponder-4:18  +
                6) All We Are-4:50
                7) Wait Fot The Sun-6:33  +
                8) Rag-2:54  +
                9) The Lord Will Set Us Free-3:23
               10) You're such a bigshot-3:03  +
               11) Missisippi Brothel, 1845-6:49
               12) Slamm!-5:30
               13) Mystic Rime-6:11
               14) Tango This-5:35  +
               15) Not Afraid-radio edit-3:26
               16) Find What You Are-instrumental-2:37

                                   +=instrumental solo piano

Cd#2-total time=72 minutes

             String Quartet No.1
                 1) Vai-3:49-dedicated to Steve Vai
                 2) Mett-6:17-dedicated to Metallica
                 3) dream 12-4:19-dedicated to Arnold Schoenberg
                 4) AWAKEN-11:05 for full orchestra-Eastman Philharmonia
                 5) Cast-7:05 for guitar,piano and string quartet
                 6) Let the metal drop-5;03- for tuba and trombone
                 7) Bright Star-3:32 for soprano and piano
              Two Fanfares for octet
                 8) Fanfare for the Court Jester-4:52
                 9) Fanfare for the Disco Dancer-4:22
              Two Songs on text by John Keats-13:44
                      -for 3 sopranos, piano, vln, trb, and perc
                10) Invocation to Pan-6:55
                11) Ode on a Graecian Urn-6:44
                12) Riders-for solo church organ-8:08

All Music, lyrics, vocal melodies, orchestrations, musical
arrangements, piano, church organ, and keyboards by Jeff Vidov

Copyright Jeff Vidov 1998- Music is registered with Socan in Canada
and BMI in the U.S

Solo and Duo works

1) Two Piano Pieces-4min
2) Bright Star-soprano and piano- 4 min
3) Let the metal drop-tuba and trombone -5 min
4) Let the metal blaze-violin and piano-7 min
5) Escaping Virtual Reality-trombone and piano-6 min
6) Mutilating Virtual Reality-tuba and piano- 5 min
7) Get 'em to suck it all- trombone and piano 6 min
8) Two Worlds- solo cello- 5 min
9) Repeat that and circle into your pit-marimba and violin-5 min

Orchestral Works

1) Awaken- for orchestra 11 min
2) The Evil in this world is driving me mad- for large orchestra-15 min
3) A New Moon- for string orchesta 8 min

Chamber Works

1) String Quartet No.1 in 3 movements- 14 min
2)  Wide Angles of the Mind-for brass quintet in 3 mvts-15 min
3) Two Fanfares for chamber ensemble- 9 min
    -fl, clar, 2 tpts, ten trb, bass trb, vcl, db
4) Two songs on text by John Keats-14 min
    -lead soprano, 2 sopranos, pn, vln, trb, perc
5) Two-for trombone choir in 2 mvts- 9 min
6) ARISE for soprano and octet in 3 mvts- 18 min
    - sop, fl, clar, 2 tpts, perc, vcl, trb, pn
    - text by the composer
    - 2nd mvt is instrumental and can be performed separately


Contact Jeff at:

Jeff Vidov
136 Cranbrooke Ave
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5M 1M5

Order from this address by cash or check:
In the U.S please send $15 (U.S.)
In Canada send $16 (Canadian)

Songs and Stuff

Jeff Vidov - Not Afraid
Click here to download this song from Three Trees (in mp3 format)
Jeff Vidov - Find What You Are
Click here to download this song from Three Trees (in mp3 format)
Jeff Vidov - Today
Click here to download this song from Three Trees (in mp3 format)
Jeff Vidov - The Lord Will Set Us Free
Click here to download this song from Three Trees (in mp3 format)
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