JEFF VIDOV-Arise, for there are four paths to truth

CD1 (TT-79: 45)

Welcome to the Path

1-Satie-Trois Gymnopedies: II. Lent Et Grave (2:30)

The Bach Path

Selections from the Goldberg Variations

2-Aria (2:16)

3-Variation 2 (3:22)
4-Variation 3 (1:28)
5-Variation 4 (1:28)
6-Variation 7 (2:44)
7-Variation 9 (1:45)
8-Variation 10 (1:48)
9-Variation 15 (4:28)
10-Variation 18 (1:44)
11-Variation 19 (1:23)
12-Variation 21 (2:03)
13-Variation 22 (1:47)
14-Variation 25 (3:39)
15-Variation 30 (2:17)
16-Aria (2:03)
Well tempered Clavier-Preludes and Fugues-Book one
17-Prelude 1 C maj (1:35)
18-Prelude #2 –C min (1:22)

The Haydn Path

Sonata No 19 in D maj-
19-1st mvt-Moderato (4:27)
20-2nd mvt-Andante (4:15)
21-3rd mvt-Allegro assai (2:31)
Sonata No.20 in C min-
22-1st mvt-Moderato (4:35)
23-2nd mvt-Andante con moto (4:20)

The Beethoven Path

Sonata Pathetique-op13-
24-2nd mvt-Adagio cantabile (3:40)
Sonata quasi una Fantasia-op27 #2-
25-1st mvt-Adagio sostenuto (5:25)
26-2nd mvt-Allegretto (1:56)

Sonata in G maj-op79-
27-2nd mvt-Andante (2:10)

The Chopin Path

28-Polonaise-op26 #1 C# min (6:46)

CD2 (TT-78: 15)

1-Noctunes-op37-#1 G min (4:13)
2-Noctunes-op32-#1 B maj (3:49)
3-Noctunes-op15-#3 G min (4:44)
4-Noctunes-op15-#2 F# maj (3:52)
5-Noctunes-op55-#1 F min (4:21)

The Brahms Path

6-Intermezzo-op118-#2 A maj (5:34)
7-Intermezzo-op76-#7 A min (3:09)
8-Intermezzo-op116-#6 E maj (3:10)
9-Ballades-op 10-#1 D min (4:20)
10-Intermezzo-op116-#2 A min (3:42)
11-Romanze-op118-#5 F maj (3:53)

Exit this path and move to another

12-Satie-Gnossienne-number 3 A min (2:56)

The Improvised Piano Path

13-Lines of Counterpoint (5:03)
14-‘twas on the cliffs of Dover that my love doth gave me a rose (5:17)
15-Smash your evil corporation-I will smash your evil corporation-I will…..(4:09)
16-New York I’m coming back to you (4:14)

The Jazz/Ragtime/Gospel Path

Jazz piano solo improvisations
17- I got the blues-you got the blues-we all has got the blues motherfucker (6:57)
18-“Yo Gershwin!! Give me a smoke dude!!” (4:42)

CD3 (TT-78: 46)

1-We all lose our minds sometime, and this when I lost mine (3:58)
2-Shimy shimmy shake shake to the lovely googaly doogaly (4:20)
3-It’s 4am at the Chicago speakeasy and I’m stoned (3:37)
4-m-o-o-n spells “funk it up brother” (3:38)
5-“George and Osama sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g—1st comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a dumbass war in Iraq, the Patriot act, a police state, and a bunch of rednecks living in fear of terrorism”-for solo piano (2:29)
6-The Object of Pain (4:14\)
7-The Lord will set us free (3:27)
8-Never took me away(4:26)

The World Music Path

9-Drifting Water (new age/English/Celtic) (5:28)
10-Dawn of Ancient Dream (Chinese) (4:09)
11-Rusted Hillside (Spanish) (5:09)
12-Cast-Concertino for piano, guitar and string quartet (baroque) (6:15)

The Improvised Church Organ Path

13-Boom chicky boom chicky blah blah blah-for solo organ (7:49)
14-Dance of the hellhounds in the land of the dead (11:01)

The Classical Composition Path

To the Forefront of Humanity-for organ and tenor voice (9:25 total)
15-To the forefront of humanity (4:12)
16-Awaken in insanity (5:13)

CD4 (TT-77: 50)

Arise for chamber ensemble in 3 movements (20:10 total)
1-Arisen (6:48)
2-Dream Fantasia (4:15)
3-The Awakening of Goodness (8:48)

4) AWAKEN-for full orchestra (11:03)

Wide Angles of the Mind-for brass quintet in 3 movements (14:02 total)
5-Into the Mind of a Madman (6:25)
6-The Schizo’s asleep (4:48)
7-Awake to the rock (2:45)

String Quartet No.1-(14:25 total)

  1. 8-Vai (3:49)
  2. 9-Mett (6:17)
  3. 10-dream twelve (4:19)

    Two Fanfares for octet (9:11 total)
    11-Fanfare for the Court Jester (4:51)
    12-Fanfare for the Disco Dancer (4:20)
    Bonus Track Path

    A preview of Jeff’s upcoming 2 cd rock/pop/progressive album
    13-Signs of life (3:51)
    14-Failure Part 3 (5:08)

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Jeff's latest work is a double CD.

CD #1-total time=73 minutes


1) Not Afraid-5:40
2) Find What You Are-3:57
3) Today-4:32
4) Yonder Hills-3:49 +
5) Ponder-4:18 +
6) All We Are-4:50
7) Wait Fot The Sun-6:33 +


8) Rag-2:54 +
9) The Lord Will Set Us Free-3:23
10) You're such a bigshot-3:03 +
11) Missisippi Brothel, 1845-6:49
12) Slamm!-5:30


13) Mystic Rime-6:11
14) Tango This-5:35 +


15) Not Afraid-radio edit-3:26
16) Find What You Are-instrumental-2:37

+=instrumental solo piano

Cd#2-total time=72 minutes


String Quartet No.1
1) Vai-3:49-dedicated to Steve Vai
2) Mett-6:17-dedicated to Metallica
3) dream 12-4:19-dedicated to Arnold Schoenberg
4) AWAKEN-11:05 for full orchestra-Eastman Philharmonia
5) Cast-7:05 for guitar,piano and string quartet
6) Let the metal drop-5;03- for tuba and trombone
7) Bright Star-3:32 for soprano and piano
Two Fanfares for octet
8) Fanfare for the Court Jester-4:52
9) Fanfare for the Disco Dancer-4:22
Two Songs on text by John Keats-13:44
-for 3 sopranos, piano, vln, trb, and perc
10) Invocation to Pan-6:55
11) Ode on a Graecian Urn-6:44
12) Riders-for solo church organ-8:08

All Music, lyrics, vocal melodies, orchestrations, musical
arrangements, piano, church organ, and keyboards by Jeff Vidov
Copyright Jeff Vidov 1998- Music is registered with Socan in Canada
and BMI in the U.S


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