1-Pelican Daughters-70 min drama---Dan Wilson director-Piano/string John Williams type score--website-

2-Zombie Night-90 min horror-Primal films-orchestra/electronica score-website-

3-Lady Potato Face-5 min silent black and white drama/comedy-Danny Elfman orchestral type score

4-Perfect Sense-18 min drama/comedy/biopic-Chris McInroy director-just a plain fucked up type score

5-"21fps"-18 min drama-English director Samuel George-piano/strings Philip Glass type score

6-"Jar of Grasshoppers"-5 min drama/suspense-Chris McInroy director--suspense/electronica/"Terminator" type score

7-"Legally Desi"-142min Bollywood style romantic comedy/drama-A.J Rupani director---many different styles of music including traditional Indian/orchestral/jazz/dance/ depending on the scene---quite a variety in this film!!---website-

8-"SPY GAMES"--13 part tv magazine show(30 min each episode) about spies in the cold war and WW1/WW2-GPI Productions (Toronto)-series is in 6th(!!) airing on the Mystery Channel(owned by Global/Canwest)---All music by Jeff Vidov

9-"Sports Compact TV"--30 min sports magazine show-aired on Ch 11-Tv CH-Hamilton--Jeff did quite a bit of the music for this show about cars/racing-season one just finished its 26th episode.

10-"Groomed"-a 20 min indie Canadian film comedy directed by Joseph Raso about same sex marriage, filmed in HD, scored completely by Jeff

11-"Sherlock"- a 7 min comedy directed by Joshua Starnes about a guy who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes and helps the police solve a murder in modern America.--All music by Jeff Vidov.

12-"Ext. Bench"-another 5 min short film by Las Vegas director Chris McInroy-this is just plain awesome

13-"Anthea" 10 min short drama for director Alexandra Sasha Foppiano-orchestral score

14-"Elegant Assassin"---a 13 minute suspense/horror film --cross between "SEven" and "Silence of the Lambs"--spooky!!

15-"Buddy"---a 5 minute short for English firector Samuel George and the British FilmCouncil--a sparse drama

16-The nights (2006)-20 min short film-suspense - Megan Thurm director-complete score by Jeff Vidov

17-"Shadow Life" (2007)-22 min short indie film–Aaron Yeger-director-one solo piano cue by Jeff Vidov

18-"The Artist" (2007)-90 min feature film Bollywood(India)–-Sunil Prem Vyas director-3 music cues by Jeff Vidov