This page has a complete list of all the films Jeff has scored and where they are playing from upcoming films at the top of the list!!

SPYGAMES--plays constantly for 4 years on PRIME (Canwest Global)-13 episodes of 30 minutes each-magazine tv show baout spies in the world wars/cold war

"Sports Compact Tv"-plays on tv on CH hamilton, Toronto one, and TSN(Sports network in Canada) for 2 years straight

-"21 fps" playing the Sprout film festival--new york city--may 2006
-played the PTFF(picture this film festival-an international disability film festival) in Canada-
-played the Calgary film festival in feb 2006
-played in dec 2005 in the UK in "best in UK shorts"
-played on July 24th 2005 at the Port Elliot literature festival(somewhere is england)
-played on Aug 4th 2005 at the Portobello film festival in London England.
-played the Troma independent film festival Aug 25th 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Ext bench (5 min short)-played the cedar Rapids independent film festival TWICE on april 1st and 2nd 2005-
-played at the Wild Rose Independent Film festival in Desmoines Iowa on Oct 3rd 2004 at 530pm
-played June 17th 2004 at the Cinevegas film festival in Las Vegas

-"Zombie Night" (90min horror movie ) review in the march 2004 issue of Fangoria magazine AND on their website
-played Cannes film festival june 2004

-"Groomed" plays the Toronto worldwide short film festival in June 2006
-played the World of Comedy International Film Festival in Toronto on feb 10th 2005 at 7pm.
-The film recently won the 20th Century Fox Farelly brothers award--go to for complete info.
also played the Atlantic City Film festival in feb 2005
-played on March 2 2005 at the National Screen Institute Film Exchange in Winnipeg, Canada
-played Feb 2004-Atlantic City Film festival -March 2 2004- National Screen Institute Film Exchange in Winnipeg, Canada -april 22nd2004---7th Annual Miami gay and lesbian film festival -played on april 22nd 2005 at the 7th Annual Miami gay and lesbian film festival
-played at the ION film festival (Oct 29 2005 in Culver City, CA)
-played the Calgary International Film Festival(Sept 26th 2004)
-played the LA International short film festival(Sept 11th 2004)
-played the Toronto Film Festival-tues Sept 14 2004----845pm at the Cumberland thurs Sept 16-----945am at the varsity
-played on Sept 1st 2004 at the Palm Springs festival of short films, Florida -played on Aug 20th 2004 at the Las Vegas-hardrock cafe as part of the Freedom Film Festival
-played on July 11th 2004 in Indianapolis at the Rathskellar theatre for the Freedom film festival
-played on June 27th 2004 in Miami Beach at the Cinematique theatre for the Freedom film festival
-played on May 2nd 2004-in New York at the DGA theatre(w 67th St) for the Columbia University Film Festival
-played on June 2nd-3rd 2004 --in L.A for the Columbia University Film festival where it won best comedy and best short, AND won a faculty award

"Legally Desi" plays at the New York Film and Video Festival on Sun, April 25th 2004 at 12pm (noon) at the Village East Cinema at 181 2nd avenue at 12th street in New York City
- plays on April 9-11th 2004 at the Desplaines Cinema in Desplaines Illinois -World Premiere in L.A. at the New York Film and Video festival on March 7th 2004 at 9pm -Chicago premiere(and 5 additional showings) on March 27th 2004 at 2pm at the Stokie theater (in Stokie, Illinois)

"Sherlock" (7 min long) played the Austin Film festival in October 2004
-played at the Gulf Coast film Festival in September 2004

"Perfect Sense" plays at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival April 2-3rd 2004 in Cedar Rapids Iowa-wins best student film