Roland Vs-2480--24 track digital recorder with 8 fx per channel and 200 Gig hard drive
External hard drive for roland External dvd burner for roland

PC Pentium 4 with Delta 1010 8 in/out soundcard running Cubase SX with MANY plugins, Logic Platinum,Protools,Wavelab,
Two 19 inch computer monitors
External 4TB hard drive for computer

Mackie 1604 VLZ-Pro mixer
Monitors- Behringer truth monitors
Keyboards-Korg Kronos 88 key workstation
Roland D-10 synthesizer
Casio WK-7500 synth

Piano-D.H.Baldwin 5'2 baby grand piano (white)
Guitars-- Les Paul Gibson Standard Electric guitar –
Fender Stratocaster USA with S1 switch and N3 noiseless pickups
Fender Telecaster USA with S1 switch and N3 noiseless pickups
Washburn 6 string acoustic guitar
Epiphone 12 string acoustic guitar

VOX Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah pedal
Behringer Hellbabe Wah pedal
POD X3 live guitar pedal
Zoom G9.2tt guitar pedal
Hum debugger guitar pedal—electro harmonix
ISP Decimator Noise reduction guitar pedal
ART Voice channel
Focusrite Voicemaster PRO mic pre
Three power conditioners—Rolls, and 2x Pure Power

Traynor 2x12 Custom Special 90-all tube guitar combo amp
Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 guitar amp—all tube amp
Yorkville Bassmaster 400-bass amp
Yorkville keyboard amp 50 watt
Mackie 150 mini amp/mixer in one

Mics-AT4033(2),At2020(2) Sm 57x2/beta 57 and 58, 421 mic, Assorted cables worth of cables, 2 piano sustain pedals, 3 synth stands, 10 mic stands, music stand