Solo and Duo works
1) Two Piano Pieces-4min
2) Bright Star-soprano and piano- 4 min
3) Let the metal drop-tuba and trombone -5 min
4) Let the metal blaze-violin and piano-7 min
5) Escaping Virtual Reality-trombone and piano-6 min
6) Mutilating Virtual Reality-tuba and piano- 5 min
7) Get 'em to suck it all- trombone and piano 6 min
8) Two Worlds- solo cello- 5 min
9) Repeat that and circle into your pit-marimba and violin-5 min

Orchestral Works
1) Awaken- for orchestra 11 min
2) The Evil in this world is driving me mad- for large orchestra-15 min
3) A New Moon- for string orchesta 8 minChamber Works
1) String Quartet No.1 in 3 movements- 14 min
2) Wide Angles of the Mind-for brass quintet in 3 mvts-15 min
3) Two Fanfares for chamber ensemble- 9 min
-fl, clar, 2 tpts, ten trb, bass trb, vcl, db
4) Two songs on text by John Keats-14 min
-lead soprano, 2 sopranos, pn, vln, trb, perc
5) Two-for trombone choir in 2 mvts- 9 min
6) ARISE for soprano and octet in 3 mvts- 18 min
- sop, fl, clar, 2 tpts, perc, vcl, trb, pn
- text by the composer
- 2nd mvt is instrumental and can be performed separately


Bach--Goldberg Variations--selections
Preludes and Fugues book one---
2 part inventions--

Chopin--Numerous Noctunes and Polonaise

Beethoven--5 Sonatas

all 5 piano concertos

Mozart--7 piano concertos
5 piano sonatas

Brahms--numerous Intermezzi and Ballades
Piano concerto No.1

Haydn--5 piano sonatas

Debussy--numerous pieces from Preludes book one

Mendelssohn--both piano concertos

Tchaikovsky--Piano concerto in Bb

a more complete list coming soon!!